Philanthropy for Social Change

The Reichstein Foundation practices social change philanthropy and grows this approach to philanthropy through partnerships and funding collaborations with individuals, donors and trusts and foundations. In essence, we support change not charity.

Changing the Rules: Doing Social Justice Philanthropy

In 2017 we spoke to thought leaders, philanthropists and campaigners about the role of philanthropy in advancing social justice. Watch our video about philanthropy and advocacy: Changing the Rules: Doing Social Justice Philanthropy.

A commitment to strategic philanthropy

Deep and persistent disadvantage; Indigenous disempowerment and poverty; a gender revolution that has stalled; climate change and the environmental sustainability of our cities and lands; access to decent transport, affordable housing and infrastructure; high quality education for all, not just the privileged – these issues will not go away, indeed, they are more pressing than ever before.

Philanthropy in Australia can only be effective in tackling these issues if foundations and donors engage in greater collective effort, joint research and more joint funding.