Sector collaborators

Collaboration and partnership are central to the Reichstein Foundation’s philosophy. We work closely with individual donors and other trusts and foundations to build social change at scale, and to grow the circle of philanthropy.

We actively link funders via a series of networks such as the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, the Australian Women Donors Network and the Indigenous-philanthropic partnership, Woor-Dungin. We have supported the establishment of each of these organisations.

We have shared space and resources with many others also seeking to give for the common good, including the Small Change Foundation (later the Education Foundation); Lumbu Foundation; Melbourne Community Foundation (later the Australian Community Foundation); Donkey Wheel Foundation; Pilotlight Australia (later Igniting Change); Dot Philanthropy; and the Family Business Office.

A major initiative was a series of establishment grants and investments of time and skills from 1988 to 1996 for the fledgling Australian Association of Philanthropy. From these seeds Philanthropy Australia has flowered and is now the peak body responsible for promoting giving and developing the philanthropic sector in Australia.

Some of our strongest current collaborations are with the following organisations: