Our Priorities

Some of the key challenges facing us today include economic inequality, climate change, a loss of trust in the democratic process and race based discrimination. We are working to encourage and support partners in the field who are influencing change, with an emphasis on empowering the voices of people directly affected. For more detail on some of our major partnerships see our Featured Projects page.

Our current funding priorities can be summarised as below:

Reducing Economic Inequality
Australia faces a growing gap between the wealthy and the disadvantaged.

Approximately 2.2 million people (or 12.8 percent of all Australians) are estimated to be living below the poverty line, after taking account of their housing costs. Meanwhile, in the last decade, the richest 10 percent of Australians enjoyed almost 50 per cent of the growth in national income. This is not just unfair – a widening gap is counterproductive to growth, social cohesion and long term prosperity.

The Foundation is invested in a series of major projects designed to reduce inequality in Australia. Our partners include:

  • The Alliance For Gambling Reform
  • AED Legal
  • Enterprise Rupanyup

Social Justice and the Law
Prison policy impacts most heavily on the most disadvantaged. The Foundation will support a significant program aimed at increasing community safety and reducing crime through investment in prevention, diversion, better re-entry and support for ex-offenders and victims.

The Foundation works with several community and legal agencies to discourage racial discrimination and to promote more inclusive and human rights focused police and criminal justice services in Victoria. We also support initiatives protect Australia’s democratic safeguards.

Our partners include:

  • The Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre
  • The Human Rights Law Centre
  • Jesuit Social Services

Environmental Sustainability
The Foundation supports a suite of projects built around an integrated strategy to:

  1. Change the narrative – ensuring that the story of climate change and its impacts are told;
  2. Strengthen the voice of people affected by environmental degradation;
  3. Demonstrate how the change we seek is already possible; and
  4. Achieve significant policy change and improved practice on the ground.

Our partners include

  • The Climate Council
  • Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network
  • Australian Farmers for Climate Action
  • Totally Renewable Yackandandah
  • The Australian Marine Conversation Society

Supporting emerging changemakers through The Influence Fund

The Foundation identifies emerging activists and projects and seeks ways to accelerate their work.

Leadership to advance social change philanthropy

The challenges we face are too big for any single funder to tackle themselves. We have seen that some of the most powerful results happen through collaborations when we all play to our strengths. The Foundation works to build and strengthen strong coalitions across philanthropy in support of social change and policy reform, including the development of alliances with public, family, community foundations and private donors to invest strategically in social change projects.

Find out more about our approach to social change philanthropy here: Social Change Philanthropy

Our close associates in philanthropy can be seen here: Sector Collaborators.