Environmental Sustainability

Reichstein will support efforts for Victoria to become one of the world’s most resource efficient, enterprising and low-carbon intensive economies.
And it will support projects that connect sustainable food production and healthy food consumption.

In this area of funding, we develop strategic projects through partners in the field and in the philanthropic sector, rather than public grant rounds.

Towards a strong and sustainable organisation – Environmental Justice Australia

The Reichstein Foundation is supporting Environmental Justice Australia (formerly the Environment Defenders Office, Victoria), a not-for-profit public interest legal practice, as it re-launches with a new vision and a new donor-driven financial model. A dollar-for-dollar matching grant from the Reichstein Foundation, and from the Australian Communities Foundation, assisted EJA in an appeal for donations from the community and will support EJA’s fundraising capacity and organisational transition as it continues to focus on the seriousness of climate change and the environmental problems we face.

Fight for the Reef – Australian Marine Conservation Society 

The health of the Great Barrier Reef is in danger, with the level of damage due to development and pollution pressures being assessed as likely to reach irreversible levels within 15 years. Driving this decline in health is the prospect of dumping of capital dredge spoil in the Reef’s waters, port expansion in the Fitzroy Delta, transhipping in the marine park and climate change. Environmental values and economic activity that relies on a healthy reef are endangered.

The Reichstein Foundation, in collaboration with a group of grantmaking members of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, is supporting AMCS to raise awareness about the threats to the Reef.

Climate Media Centre – a project of the Climate Council

Heat records are being smashed all over the country as the climate warms rapidly: 2016 was the hottest year on record. Australian impacts include significant agricultural losses resulting from the dry and warm conditions; a major algae bloom in the Murray River and the worst coral bleaching event in the history of the Great Barrier Reef. The Climate Media Centre (CMC) is a unique organisation which is tackling Australia’s inconsistent and inadequate response to climate change through enhancing the level of debate: in particular by bringing the stories of Australians already contending with the impacts of climate change to the attention of journalists. Established in 2015, the CMC aims to be a go-to resource for reporters and in particular, commercial media who have struggled to tell the climate change story. CMC provides media training, support, preparation and coaching to spokespeople who have an important story to tell about climate change impacts or solutions.